Champion Cross Country Coaches

The Champion coaches for the 2018 XC campaign are Joy and Jay Hilscher and Sabrina Uriegas.  The Hilschers were both high school distance running standouts, collegiate All-Americans in XC and track, and continued competitive running for a bit after graduation.  Now, they are co-race directors for The Texas Independence Relay.  Though Joy and Jay enjoyed racing and competing, both will unreservedly say that relationships and lessons through running that they've had (and continue to receive) are truly a gift from Above. Sabrina may not have spent quite as much time running, however, being a medical doctor from Stanford University, she brings a extraordinary wealth of medical knowledge and expertise. She volunteers at the Sacred Heart Community Clinic, and has graciously been helpful to many team members over the years.  Oh yeah... and in terms of meet scheduling, she gets it done like nobody's business!  The Hilschers and Uriegas's have been blessed with 6 and 5 children, respectively, and they have been closely involved with the team for 10 years (with both graduated and current team members).  Both families have had children who have been homeschooled, public schooled, private schooled, and all other manner of schooling.  The Hilschers attend Christ Church, a non-denominational Bible church in Cedar Park, while the Uriegas's worship at St. Williams Catholic Church in Round Rock.  

The Champions have a deep coaching bench. Tim Prater assists in a variety of ways, and a number of alumni like to come and help out as well (like Andres Uriegas who currently runs collegiately at UT-Dallas).  Finally, we must mention Matt Manly, an exceptional runner (from TCU) and coach, who steadfastly guided the team for the better part of a decade.  Matt is extraordinary in his commitment, organization, and generosity, and he will always be welcome to step in (as he does from time to time)! 

Champion Soccer Coaches

Program Director and High School Head Coach

Spencer Hohn is the Soccer Program Director and High School Head Coach.  He has a vision of building a competitive High School soccer program, that begins by teaching the fundamental skills and team work at the elementary and middle school level.  By focusing on our mission and creating a strong supportive environment, we will build self-confidence and self-esteem at all ages.  Coach Spencer grew up playing soccer in middle school and high school.  His passion for soccer carried on into his fourteen-year military career.  He played on several Unit and Post level teams and was picked to play on Austin Men's Soccer Association (AMSA) Division 1.  After retiring from the military and moving he and his family to Austin and continues to play for an AMSA Premier team as Goalkeeper, midfielder or defender.

Coaching Experience

Coach Spencer in addition to extensive experience playing soccer has coached and refereed soccer.  One of the blessings in Coach Spencer's life is to coach for his sons as they begin their journey with soccer.    He was the assistant coach for the 02 team, assisted at the 04 team practices and was the assistant coach for the Goalkeeper program. After moving to Austin, his son, played for the Lake Travis Elite 04 team where he was asked to be an assistant coach.  Currently, both sons play for the Austin Champions Soccer teams.

Coach Spencer has the following experience in each position (most experience overlaps).

    Forward - 9 years (P&R, MCS, MSA, USA units)

    Midfield - 7 years (MCS, MSA, OWU, USA Units, AMSA)

    Defense - 5 years (MCS, USA Units, AMSA)

    GoalKeeper - 6 years (P&R, MCS, MSA, USA Post, AMSA)

    Referee - 3 years

High School Assistant Coach

Gregg Hoskins is the High School assistant coach.  An avid runner, and with two children in the high school soccer program, he is excited to bring soccer to not only his own children, but the broader Austin Homeschool community as well.   Gregg's experience includes playing adult rec leagues and a year as head coach for another homeschool soccer sports association.

Middle School and Elementary Coaches

Rathan Levins brings some experience and a great deal of enthusiasm to the middle school and elementary soccer programs.  He shares Coach Spencer's vision of building a thriving soccer program that allows children to begin early to develop the skills, team work and physical fitness as they progress from elementary through to high school. 

Rathan is joined by several parents as assistant coaches, and is currently looking for a volunteer coach for the Elementary team. 

Soccer Mission

Our goal as a Christian homeschool soccer program is to nurture our players in their development both as athletes and as people. We provide a strong and supportive environment, which encourages learning while building self-confidence and self-esteem and also providing an opportunity to play for a cooperative school team. We want our players to mature into adults who will enjoy full participation in the social and economic life of their community.

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