Austin Champions Christian Homeschool Athletics

presents our first annual spring dance 
The Stars at Night 
Spring Jamboree
Who: Austin Champions, and any Homeschool Student that is 14 yrs old by 9/1/2019.  You may invite one guest of the opposite sex, that is not Homeschooled (Private School, Public School, etc).  All other Homeschool students are welcome to attend our Homecoming Dance, but they may only bring other Homeschooled friends.  Individual registrations on each person.  
When: 04/18/20
Time: 6:30 pm to midnight
Where:  Reunion Ranch in Georgetown, Texas
Ticket Info:  $65.00 - tickets available until March 4th or until they are sold out!  Tickets are LIMITED. Tickets will be for sale online.  You must be homeschooled! A parents information must be entered along with an affiliation to a homeschool group.  If you buy a ticket and are not homeschooled or a date of someone homeschooled, no refunds will be given and you will not be allowed into the dance.  We will print out who bought tickets from the online sales.  Please provide a student ID, driver license, or another form of ID to get into the dance.  
IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration is a 2-step process.  After payment is made, check the link in the email to continue registration information.  This is an IMPORTANT step!  We need your song requests!  :)  Any unpaid registrations will be deleted.  
Dinner and drinks will be served, as well as hot cocoa at the end of the evening. 
Don't we already have a Homeschool Dance in Austin?
Why YES, we do, but adding another only provides another choice, each providing a different, yet memorable experience.  
What kind of music will be played?
Reunion Ranch will provide the DJ for our Spring Jamboree!  The DJ will be playing a variety of great dance music, both old and new and from various genres - there should be something to suit everyone!  Since this is a dance for high school students, the DJ will play clean, radio versions.
Can I request certain songs?
YES!! One song request can be submitted with your registration form and may have additional requests submitted following registration. Keep in mind that every song request must meet our standards, as well as for Reunion Ranch. Inappropriate language and subject matter will not be considered as options by the DJ.  Many songs are great to listen to, but are difficult to dance to. 
Are parents allowed to stay?
Parents are allowed to stay for the first 30 minutes to take pictures. We then ask parents to leave until pick-up time. The event will be supervised by our chaperones.
Are there couples dances?
The DJ will play a variety of songs, including some slow dances. 
Do I have to bring a date?
No. We are planning the dance to be a wonderful, fun night for everyone, whether you are coming alone, with a group of friends, or with a date
Who can come to the Jamboree?
You can come to the ACCHA Spring Jamboree if you are a homeschool student who is at least 14 years old by the night of the dance, and not older than 21. Also, you can come if you are a homeschool alumni (meaning you graduated from your homeschool) who is at least 15 years old and not older than 21. You can also come if you are/were not homeschooled but are the guest of a homeschool student or alum, AND you are also at least 14 years old and not older than 21.
Can my dad escort me to the dance?
That is a very sweet request, but if your dad is older than 21, then he cannot attend the Jamboree as your escort.
Is there a dress code?
Yes, but...its Texas friendly.  This is wear your best Texas threads & boots and not exactly a black tie event.  That means anything from your best blue jeans (no holes) in a Texas tuxedo to a tux for the guys, and nice Cowgirl jeans, skirt or dress to formal gown for the girls.  Dresses/skirts must be no shorter than four inches above the knee.  No exposed undergarments, no holes in clothing, no side or front cut-outs, no slits in dresses that are higher than two inches above the knee.  Girls, strapless dresses are fine as long as they stay in place without tugging and don't dip down in the front or back. 
I am a parent. Can I chaperone the dance?
The chaperones for ACCHA Spring Jamboree are trusted adults who are chosen early in the planning process. You may send a request to the Dance Committee with your name and contact information, and we will contact you.
Will I be able to reserve a seat? 
Yes, table reservations will be accepted after registrations are made.  One STUDENT (a person registered for the dance) may send an email with a list of student names with email addresses of up to 10 people who want to sit together.  The ACCHA Dance Committee will verify requests and confirm the seat reservations.  Table requests may be made for 2 - 10 people, with the exception of 9.   An email will be sent to all registered students in late March or early April with details on how to proceed. 
Do I have to take dance classes to attend? 
No, we do not require dance classes for the ACCHA Spring Jamboree.  
How about pictures? 
The ACCHA Dance Committee is WELL aware of how important it is to share those fantastic photos from the dance with your friends. There will be a photo booth at the prom, as well as photographer to take pictures.   
What kind of food will be served? 
Reunion Ranch will be serving an upgraded menu that includes Roasted Chicken, Seasoned Green Beans, Twice Baked Potatoes, Salad & Rolls.  Cheesecake for dessert.  (Please note any dietary changes if necessary on registration)
Is there a Conduct Code? 
We expect every student to act in a way that honors Christ.
(Inappropriate moves on the dance floor may result in being asked to leave the dance.) You will be unable to come and go from the event.
There will be security, as well as parking attendants at this event, but NO ONE will be allowed to come and go once they enter the event.  There will be an outdoor area with a fire at the end of the night (11 pm) and hot cocoa will be served.  We expect this will be one of the highlights of the evening and everyone to enjoy this special part of the evening with friends.  Any type of inapproriate behavior will not be allowed and parents will be called.  No refunds will be given if you are asked to leave.  
Parents info: There will be a outdoor fire from 11- 11:45 PM to wrap up the evening.  Parents, feel free to arrive at 11:15 pm to pick up your child(ren).  The event ends promptly at midnight.